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Coast to coast


You are looking for:

Modern cities with American or European characteristics;
Mixed vegetation of broadleaf forests, lustrous pine trees or imposing sequoias;
Fairytale-worthy mountains or terrifying and mystical peaks like the Rockies;
Lakes surrounded by glorious scenery and fiery autumnal hues;
Dreamy roads to showcase your automobiles;
Houses of all sorts;
Unusual and unsuspected locations;
Bars, restaurants, terraces;
A majestic river;

Canada is vast and offers an array of often unsuspected locations, from the Western to the Eastern coast.

Service Reel

Films produced with some of the most renowned directors for production houses from various countries.

Take a look at our productions
and enjoy some behind the scenes secrets.


Expertise in coast-to-coast service delivery for over 20 years.
World renowned teams. State-of-the-art equipment.
An incontestable production value.
Casting with a wide cultural range.


At your service,
whenever and at any moment.