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Expertise in coast-to-coast service delivery for over 20 years.
World renowned teams.
State-of-the-art equipment.
An incontestable production value. A casting with a wide cultural range.

The Story of Upper Story

Our story began as Traffik Films, which later became La Cavalerie and is now Upper Story; a fresh new name for the same team helmed by award-winning Executive Producer Michel David. Upper Story, member of Attraction Media, is a servicing unit designed for international production houses looking to shoot in Canada’s vast and diverse contexts.

With offices in Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City, we have both the structure and experience to serve our clients across Canada. Known for our adaptability, we quickly understand your needs and demands to best meet your expectations.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve shot in every part of our beautiful and vast country for productions from France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, and the United States and with the most renowned and meticulous directors.

From large-scale productions shot in lively, urban environments to epic tales told in the country’s most remote of territories or intimate stories shot in small neighborhood bistros.

Upper Story becomes your extension by valuing and respecting your work in total complicity, creativity and transparency.


" Faced with the huge challenge of only six weeks from scratch to launch, only a few hours of daylight, cold and extremely adverse conditions, 5 soccer fields of snow to be removed from a frozen lake, Michel and his entire team / crew performed amazingly and exceeded all our expectations. Working with Michel is a really positive experience.

His ‘can do’ attitude and professionalism, paired with outstanding service and quality of work makes for a great production.

It was an absolute pleasure working with him and surely not the last time! "

Dana Møgeltønder
Exec. Creative Producer & Head of Creative Talent | Parasol Island

" Michel and I had known each other for quite a while, but when I called him up two years ago to talk about a totally crazy project, I really wasn’t sure how he’d react, the challenge was so great.

We had a very short period of time to prepare a shoot with a very low budget, in extreme conditions in British Columbia. I didn’t have to wait very long; a few days later, he agreed to work on the project and we threw ourselves into the craziest adventure I have had in my 30-year career in production.

Shot at 2500m of altitude (which is lots and lots of feet!!), 20mn helicopter ride from base camp, helitransport of a 3-ton glass cube to the top of the mountain, complexe design and improbable manufacturing and transportation solutions, all in order to manage 2 tons of equipment and a full crew during three days and three nights on the summit (including washrooms).
  On top of the challenge of shooting at such a high altitude and -25°, we had to manage helicopters, unexpected occurrences, budget, breakage, major breakage and even a few storms. The end result is a magnificent and exceptional film that was made possible by everyone’s relentlessness and talent. A result that comes from a desire to share an experience together, between the production and agency teams, in incredible high spirits considering the complexity of the adventure.
  On paper, it was cool, but on the field, everything was very complicated. Michel and his team needed to be bound very tightly together to absorb the accumulated blows, that were totally resolved only five months after the shoot !!!
  Two years later, having won dozens of prizes around the world, we hold to the memory of a successful Franco-Canadian co-production that made it all possible and that rare feeling of having lived through such an insane experience together that can be felt in the film. Again, thank you to everyone and above all … A special thank you to Olivier Staub for directing and to Michel David for … Everything … "

Francois Brun
CEO | QUAD Group

" When the demands are far from obvious but ultimately everything becomes fluid and easy, that's what I consider a well-executed production! That's why I work with Michel! "

Jean-Pierre Philippot
Director | Tempesta

" I loved working with Michel David and his crew. The experience has been delicious and without any bump. His expertise in production is enormous and his kindness is without limits, it’s like working with family but better! "

Charlotte Marmion
Executive Producer | Iconoclast

“ Michel David?” Does his name sound like super heroes? I’ve been really impressed! We all know what means shooting complicated scripts like not having any snow in January in Montreal. Who said “issue”? suddenly asked Michel David, already spreading tons of snowflakes in all the streets, roofs, trees… He’s been sincerely available, reactive, hard worker, efficient, a pure cinema passionate! “Michel David?” His name sounds like a magician! "

Xavier Mairesse
Réalisateur | Wanda

“ Michel is THE ideal, therefore essential co-pilot. Each of our films is a precious adventure; his understanding, precision and commitment as well as his love for a challenge make him as involved in the production as we are. I love people who make things happen. We have a true bond of trust. “

Robin Accard
Executive Producer | Partizan

" It’s been nearly 20 years since I first came to Canada to find settings that we don’t have in Europe. Not only have I found amazing locations, I also discovered technicians who are among the best in the world, and above all, I have developed a privileged relationship with Michel’s teams. They are well above the caliber I encounter anywhere else. My only regret is that I don’t get to work often enough with people I have come to consider reliable partners, and Michel, a true friend. "

Jean-Pierre Crapart
Line Producer

" Shooting with Michel David has been a great experience, it goes above and beyond production service, he's a real creative production partner. "

Martin Coulais
Executive producer | Quad Group

" Michel David and I have known each other for a long time. He's always been present and responsive with top teams throughout the years. And most of all, it's great to work in such pleasant company. Can't wait to for our next adventure together. "

Philippe Garnier
Producer | blue paris

" Michel David, has always and will always be "

Julien Sanson
Head of Production | BBDO Paris

" The Cube… A cherished memory of an incredible human adventure… Upper Story or how to combine passion and professionalism. "

Delphine Bellonnet
Line producer

" When I was President of the ELSE / TBWA agency, in charge of the entire production of the TBWA France group, I had several opportunities of going to Canada to shoot for our biggest customers, Michelin, Mcdonalds. It was there that I met the Producer, Michel David, who welcomed us with such efficiency, kindness and generosity --so Canadian. Nice experience that I still recommend today! Working with Michel is not just meeting a great professional. It is also an encounter that immediately turns into friendship. "

Christian Delhaye
CEO | Producer Narrative Nation

" Turning this AXA movie right in the center of Montreal was not easy! Michel was the ideal partner to bring this project to life. It is always a pleasure to be able to work with him."

Béatrice Chevrin Guibert
Line producer | Quad

" More than happy to hear that Michel David is at the helm of Upper Story! I have very fond memories of all the projects we collaborated on. True concern to serve the artistic perspective, professionalism, responsiveness, meticulous during prep and on set. Collaborating with Michel is a real pleasure and always results in the beginning of successful films. I hope we will have the opportunity of working together again soon! "

Matthieu Mantovani
Director | La Pac

" We’ve known Michel for a long time.  His commitment and professionalism have never been found lacking. On a one of my films, he reacted very aptly to a most delicate situation.  I never hesitate to ask his expert opinion on projets that could potentially be shot in la Belle Province. "

Romain Cavagnac
Head of Production | Wanda Productions

" It’s always a delight to work with you, Michel. Your professionalism and pleasant disposition make shooting with you efficient and enjoyable. The results translate that! "

Vincent Roussel 
Executive Producer | Tempesta

" What can be said about Michel David? He is the only producer who can manage to organize an icy, snow-covered road despite sunny and hot April weather in Montreal !! Michelin X-ice tires may also be grateful to him !! "

Olivier Thaon
Line Producer | Paris , France

" Congratulations to all!  Thank you for your commitment and positive attitude throughout the project. It was a pleasure working with you all.  "Special Mention" to those who held fast during all 22h of shooting (on Superbowl Sunday / in a 35m2 store)… especially the indefatigable Michel. "

Nicolas Thiboutot
Creative Director | Lost Boys Paris

" Michel and his team were onboard and excited as soon as we told them about the project. They were extremely responsive and creative in finding technical, practical and even mechanical solutions. Prep was crucial for this project and they managed it very well. On site, the team was professional and pleasant, the director truly collaborated with us. The result garnered great success with the agency, the clients and Internet users. All in all, an ideal shoot in an ideal city. Thanks Team! "

Bénédicte Pelletan & Yann Gobert
Copy Writer & Artistic Director | Publicis Conseil

" Upper Story, led by Michel David, is a high end production company that delivers maximum quality no matter the budget. Every step of the way, we were delighted by their professionalism, responsiveness and pleasant disposition. "

Marielle Elis
CEO & Founder | La Belle Façon

" If you ever need a delegated production, I only have one man to suggest ..... Michel David. Michel is an unstoppable extraterrestrial that understands what you want before you tell him. He is the best Executive Producer I have met, a ROLLS, a pleasure no matter what's thrown at him, a happy conclusion to a shoot and a very advantageous quote.... !!! What more could you possibly ask for..... "

Olivier Pierre
Associate-Executive Producer | Olive Films

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